I have explored every corner of Mauritius to find the perfect locations for you to create and experience your own micro adventures.

Capture the sunset in Cap Malheureux
Capturing natural beauty is so important to me when I’m taking photographs. Even in the chaos of ocean waves crashing against the coastal rocks, there is grace and elegance to be found if you take a moment to look.
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Chat to the fishermen of Bain Boeuf
I have photographed the fishermen of Bain Boeuf often, as they wait patiently in the shallow ocean waters. They are always happy to chat, and often a simple “hello” is all that’s needed to discover their stories.
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Admire the pirogues of Grand Baie
It was late afternoon when I discovered these pirogues on a quiet beach on the outskirts of Grand Baie. Somehow they seemed almost like they were in repose, as though their work was finished for the day and it was time to rest.
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Explore Flat Island
It is the wild beauty of Flat Island which appeals to me as a photographer. No matter how many times I visit, my camera will always lead me to something new and extraordinary.
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Witness the sugar cane in bloom
Sometimes the most fascinating sights are the ones hiding in plain sight. In Mauritius, the annual flowering of the sugar cane has become so routine, it often passes by unnoticed. It feels like a privilege to shine a light on these everyday moments of natural beauty.
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Explore China Town
Although I only have vague recollection of my visits to Port Louis as a child, the colorful iron doors found all over China Town bring back so many early memories. Today they feel like symbols of China Town’s past, surrounded by the city of the present.
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Explore the lighthouse of Albion
I have found that often a simple change of angle is all that is needed to bring a fresh perspective to a familiar sight. That’s why I was sitting in a field of wild vegetation to capture this photograph of the lighthouse in Albion.
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Learn about salt production in Tamarin
As I photographed the salt pans of Tamarin, it was the sense of living history which struck me most about the experience. The techniques employed to harvest salt today are the same ones which have been used for countless generations.
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Enjoy the tranquility of Black River Gorges
Sometimes the only way to capture the moment is to jump in, which is exactly what this photograph demanded. The water wasn’t deep but I did get very wet as I made my way to the middle of the river. The final photograph definitely made the discomfort worthwhile!
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Discover the scenery of Black River Gorges
I was sitting in my car when I captured this photograph of the verdant scenery of the Black River Gorges. Sometimes, the most beautiful sights can be found much closer than you might imagine.
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Climb Le Morne Brabant
As a photographer, it is the experience of capturing photographs of the beauty of the natural world which motivates me to step outside my comfort zone. And so, despite my fear of heights, the draw of spectacular views from the peak were too much to resist.
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Walk the mangroves of Black River
The mangroves are such an important part of the ecosystem of Mauritius. More than that, they are a beautiful sight in their own right. I captured this photograph walking along the coastline of Black River, where I’m happy to say they grow in abundance.
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Enjoy the peace of Bel Ombre
I have a fascination with the pirogues of Mauritius. I found this one in a quiet bay near Bel Ombre. With little more than a gentle breeze in the air, the tranquility of the moment gave the final photograph something truly special.
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Follow Rivière des Galets
These small bridges can be found all along the Rivière des Galets. Finding one to photograph was easy, but climbing down the incredibly steep banks to reach the river bed below was much more difficult!
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Search for the waterfall of Rivière des Anguilles
I heard the roar of the water rushing over the edge of this waterfall long before I saw it. Surrounded by the wild vegetation of the south coast and completely hidden from view, I had to hack a path through the undergrowth to find a vantage point.
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Hike the cliffs of Gris Gris
Standing on the clifftop path capturing photographs of the crashing waves below, I found it impossible not to be swept up by the raw power and timeless beauty of the ocean.
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Marvel at Le Bouchon Public Beach
Often the greatest challenge I face as a photographer is doing justice to each location. As I stumbled upon the stunning beach of Le Bouchon, I realised that no photograph could ever capture the kind of natural beauty that has to be seen with your own eyes.
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Discover nature’s canvas in the forest of Bras d’Eau
It was the vibrant colors of the fallen leaves which attracted me to this path through the forest in Bras d’Eau. Nature is an extraordinary artist, painting the scenery in a most magical way.
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Sit in the shade of the old sugar mill in Belle Mare
I first stumbled across this beautifully preserved old sugar mill entirely by accident. I had been photographing the sugar cane which surrounds it, only to find myself walking out into a clearing and being presented by this magnificent sight. Today it is one of my must visit locations whenever I am near the village of Belle Mare.
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Experience sunrise in Grand Gaube
I’ve photographed a thousand sunrises, but this one near the village of Grand Gaube gave me a true sense of peace and tranquility. Always worth getting out of bed for!
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Paul Choy is an internationally acclaimed documentary photographer. Specializing in telling travel stories through extraordinary photography and writing.

His work has taken him to more than 50 countries, where he documents natural, beautifully unscripted moments of everyday life which feature in his bestselling books and photographic prints.

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“As a photographer, I want to share the stories of the ocean, land, mountains, and people of the beautiful island of Mauritius”
Paul Choy
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