Although Land Rovers are beautifully constructed and sturdy vehicles, the good vehicle maintenance and vehicle service of your Land Rover is still important, no matter what you use your vehicle for.
    Think about it as investing in the future – ensuring that your Land Rover will still be able to take you on all the adventures you look forward to in the years ahead!
    There are some simple precautionary measures that you can take in order to promote the safe and reliable operation of your Land Rover for many years to come – including carrying out the simple list of checks that are outlined in your Land Rover Handbook.

    • Service Plans
      Service Plans

      Servicing your vehicle at the recommended distance or monthly intervals will ensure that you extend the life of your vehicle. Visit our handy service interval table to ensure that your vehicle maintenance is kept up to date.

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      At Land Rover, we aim to always keep you on the move in comfort and style. Whilst your Land Rover is being serviced, we offer the best in class mobility options, tailored to your individual requirements.

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      Keep your Land Rover 100% Land Rover. All of our Genuine Parts are covered by a 24-month warranty, for many more miles of confident motoring.

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    • Repairs

      When your vehicle is repaired by a Land Rover Approved Service Centre, you can be confident that nobody knows your vehicle better than our authorised repairers.

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    • FLEET AND BUSINESS Aftercare
      FLEET AND BUSINESS Aftercare

      Land Rover’s network of Retailers is dedicated to understanding the requirements of a wide range of business users. We provide a range of services designed to provide you with what you need, with minimal disruption to your working day.

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    • Castrol

      Co-engineered to help your Land Rover perform at its best, Castrol helps your vehicle perform in all conditions. That’s why Castrol EDGE Professional is the only oil recommended by Land Rover.

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